I am a Madam

I am a Madam. And I am very good at it. This blog is a slice of my world. Sometimes serious, sometimes manic, rarely dull.

I run the best escort agency in Ibiza with the nicest and most beautiful escorts. I make sure that all the escorts are adults and are in the life of their own free will.

I like the business. I (generally) like the clients and girls. Though there are days…

I’m English and far from being a drug-crazed loser I have a lovely life and hold a PhD in marketing. I hope you like my words.

escort ibiza

PS: If you are easily offended, under 18 you should run away right now. This blog won’t contain sexually explicit images, but you can be damn sure it will be chock full of detailed descriptions of the ins and outs (LOL) of running an escort agency.

I will be discussing prostitution and the clients of it in a positive light. So if that will offend you, what the hell are you doing here in the first place? My friends are call girls and their clients, plus a few “civilians”

escorts marbella

Yes, my family knows what I do. Including my Mother. And my children. In fact, my adult son designs and manages my website and is an extremely good portrait photographer for the escorts.

I will occasionally change names to protect the guilty. In this business no-one is innocent, so there’s no need to worry about them! But if you want to check them out and put a (probably blurred) face to the stories, feel free to have a look here at my friends who escort Ibiza clients.

No, we are not a front for a drugs gang. Or any other kind of gang. Nor are we involved in money laundering or any other kind of criminal activity. What we do as an escort agency is perfectly legal in Spain. As is what our escorts and clients do.

No, we do not sell drugs. We don’t even provide bottles of wine. No, we don’t people traffic. Yes, our girls are free to leave at any time. In fact, given the money that some of them make they can go pretty much anywhere, anytime in almost any style they choose.escorts Ibiza

I pay my taxes and I advise everyone I meet and work with to do the same. Just because it’s primarily a cash business doesn’t mean it has to be “bent”. McDonald’s is a cash business, but that doesn’t mean they are a money laundering operation!

If you have any other questions, feel free to politely ask and I will probably answer. If I don’t it will just be because I am too busy organising some serious debauchery.


Ally x

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