Random Thoughts

These are just random thoughts about life in Ibiza, working with escorts in Ibiza and the trials and tribulations of working with international girls who choose to escort Ibiza visitors for a living.

Is the life full of glamorous girls? Yes. Are the girls sexy Ibiza babes? yes. Do I spend a lot of my time looking at sexy women in lingerie or beautiful nude women who escort Ibiza visitors and may have hot sex with them? Yes. Do I get to chat with those gorgeous young women in Ibiza  about what they will and won´t do, what they love to do in bed, what kind of sex they like and how much they like sex? Yes.

Do I get to talk in great detail with desirable young women in Ibiza and experienced mature ladies in Ibiza about their favourite sexual positions? Yes. Do I ask these sexy women in Ibiza whether they love to give oral sex and whether they do oral sex with condom or oral sex without condom or whether will swallow during oral sex? Yes. Do I ask them about anal sex, about men going down on them for cunnilingus? Yes.


It´s not all about lacy underwear

About rim jobs, kinky sex and sex toys, dressing up and fetish wear, fetish activities such as bondage, corporal punishment and humiliation? Yes. Anal sex and how much they love anal sex or don’t? Yes.

Do I quiz them and have long detailed chats with beautiful escort girls about girl-on-girl scenes, lesbian shows and whether they will have sex with women? Absolutely. What about whether they are genuinely bisexual or 100% lesbian, or just go gay for pay? Yep, that too.

Do I find myself talking about whether these sexy women will escort Ibiza couples and have threesomes? Yep. Whether they will escort Ibiza men and have sex with multiple partners or orgies in Ibiza? That too.

Do I ask about their sexual health as an escort in Ibiza and sexual history in Ibiza? Yes. Its important.

Does that mean its constantly sexy and I spend my life aroused and raring for a good shagging? Not as much as you would think!



Yeah, she would be OK…

This is just a note full of random thoughts with no special rhyme or reason!

My girls who escort Ibiza clients arrive from all over the world. Every week I get calls, emails and WhatsApps from escort girls who want to show that they are the kind of girl who escorts Ibiza clients for a high-class Ibiza escort agency such as mine.

I have Ibiza escorts from Britain. Ibiza escort girls from Scandinavia. I have girls from Russia who escort Ibiza clients. We have women from Eastern Europe escort Ibiza visitors. I have one sexy girl from Ireland who escorts Ibiza gentlemen. Of course, there are lots of Ibiza escorts from Brazil who work with us.

Recently I have been contacted by lots of Romanian girls who want to escort Ibiza visitors for me. Many of them are lovely and speak great English. Which all of our Ibiza escorts must.

When I am deciding whether I want to represent a sexy escort girl or not, there are a few things I am looking for. Here´s a short list:


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