Being A High Class Escort

I have now been working all day as a high class worldwide escort for only barely five years, since completing at college. My work has taken me to a great deal of astounding spots that I could never have gotten the opportunity to visit ordinarily. I don’t mean nations, in light of the fact that with the expense of air passages and incredible things like apartment rental sites and apps, practically anybody can bear to visit pretty much anyplace. I mean spots like private islands in the Caribbean, Indian sea and Pacific with simply my customer, me and the serving staff. Houses on the shoreline at The Hamptons and gatherings loaded up with very rich people and big names.

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The penthouse suites at probably the most unbelievable lodgings on the planet – the sort of put that you find in motion pictures, yet significantly more extravagant and glamorous!.I host been to a few Oscar after gatherings, to the Met Ball in New York, and I am currently great perceived by the staff who work amid the Cannes Film Festival. In any case, I am keen enough not to feel that is my reality.

I have many individuals that I know from my time associating with the rich and acclaimed – otherwise called the rich and indecent. They all recognize what I improve the situation a living and on account of the ladies they are sufficiently cheerful to be seen with me. What’s more, on account of the folks they are extremely glad to be seen with me. Having the sexiest escort Madrid brings to the table on their arm is dependably a self image support for a man, regardless of whether she is a whore – but a high class and extravagant one.

Be that as it may, would they be my companion on the off chance that I was not turning up at occasions and places with my super-A-List customers? I question it. That kind of world just has two dimension; the A List and the general population who need to be with the A-List. To be extremely pessimistic, the clients and the utilized. Furthermore, no, I don’t feel misleading saying that when I win my living from being an escort for rich men. My activity as a high class escort implies that I am both client (I charge cash, a great deal of it) and utilized.

How To Build An Escort Agency (Part 6)

Part 5 of How To Build An Escort Agency was focused on building backlinks to boost the search engine optimisation of your escort agency web site. Remember that the basic rule is always the same; the more links your website has from high quality websites the better the search engines assume that you are. So I talked about building links from escort directories, sometimes called escort malls. These have the added advantage that you are also learning to advertise at the same time. But now I am going to start talking about upping the game. This article is about using SEO agencies to help build your backlink profile.

big boob escort in red bikini top and star spangled bikini bottomsYou should typically allow four to eight months to hit page one, depending on the size of the market you are aiming for – if you go for something massive like “escort London” then you will never hit page one on Google unless you have a big budget. If you pick somewhere smaller (or more niche) such as “escort Carlisle” then you can succeed quickly and with less investment. But a mainstream mid size keyword market for escorts like Madrid escorts will take six to eight months and a lot of effort.

First a cautionary note – choose your SEO Agency wisely. It is very easy for the wrong one to totally screw up your web site with the big search engines irreparably. That is especially true of Google, who take a really dim view of anyone trying to game the system. And they will “sandbox” your site for months, if not forever. A conservative agency that will be thorough and do things right rather than going for quick results is almost always better.

Your website design agency will probably also do SEO as well. If not, they will be able to recommend two or three. But remember to ask whether they have experience in building backlinks for adult businesses. It is very different to promoting garden centres!

Assuming they do, a good SEO agency will recommend adding two or three new backlinks a week from really reputable sites. They will also say that you could add a few links every week from lower ranking sites just to make everything seem as natural as possible to the search engines and their “spiders” that crawl the web checking out sites. Depending on who they work with, they might ask you to write articles, they may supply articles for you, or the web sites that are linking back to you may even write articles for you and add a link back to your site. But you will always need articles. They need to three hundred and fifty to five hundred words at least, and about a subject that is relevant to your escort agency and the location it is working in. If you cannot write well enough, you will need to have them done for you. I never said this was cheap.

But having an agency build a strong and relevant backlink profile for you steadily and regularly is one of the most effective ways to show the search engines that your escort agency is real, serious, and high quality. Which is why they will rank it above agencies that are none of those things.


If you are looking out for flirtation, conviviality or just a sex-related adventure then it is among the most straight forward choices; do you spend quality time, effort and money in the search for a novice companion and bank on locating one who is ready for it and a good fuck? Supposing you spend loads of dollars and cannot get her to the bedroom? , perhaps you triumph in tracking down a partner only to uncover that she is rotten in the bedroom and a major erotic frustration?

Or do you go the alternative path; secure the services of a professional prostitute while you remain in Barcelona or Madrid? It might not have the excitement of the chase and the promise of longer term flirtation, however it does assure that your hard earned money is absolutely sure to have the desired result. And you can at the same time be sure that the woman that you devote cash to spend your time with is a bedroom athlete who will have the capacity to shake your planet and unshackle your underground passions – no matter how peculiar they might be!

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If you are a male paying a visit to either Barcelona or Madrid then you are confronted with a considerable and staggering assortment of sexy women who are either seemingly attainable and keen to fuck; or unquestionably positively available and all set to fuck. Basically, males in Barcelona and Madrid have the choice between fantastic and hot novices as well as more sexy and more fantastic specialists. Welcome to the realm of expert hookers in Barcelona and Madrid.

And, within legal limits and the restrictions of bargaining, nearly every single lustful inclination or fantasy you might ever have is within reach with an expert Madrid escort or a high class Barcelona escort. All the things that you either get up to on your first pharmaceutical and excitement improved early date, or you shell out few days or more gently moving to with a “lover” are there for the asking with a skillful. From probably the most uncomplicated of wanting to attempt a few brand new sex positions to individuals whose fancies are much more exotic, there is bound to be an excited and skilled specialist only too happy to assist.

If a fella finds yourself in Madrid or Barcelona and wants a seductive scene, then that is the judgment; try your luck to get off with a novice or elect to seek out the sexiest escort Madrid will offer or probably the most thrilling escort Barcelona can provide? The awesome feature of escorts is certitude. Yes, there certainly is regularly the inquiry in the back – or front end – of the punters mind around whether or not the chick is actually into them or the number they are performing simultaneously. Still, is that thought spot of paranoia there actually even in an date with a civvie? But with an escort you are sure that the result is made sure. You are getting laid if you would like to.


Are you intending on teaming up with an escort agency in Madrid? Well you must have the ability to offer appointments perhaps at your personal home (not a fantastic strategy, actually) or at a place you hire by the hr, week or so or four week period. That is either a fixed expense you will have to speculate or eats greatly into your cash flow. Contrary to the news assumption, most prostitution is not done at 5* hotel rooms.

But you will likely be astonished at the high amount and kinds of females who have undertaken life as a prostitute. Sufficient to ensure the market place perpetually filled. And that is prior to one also includes the semi professional people. The expert girls who date guys that acquire them rewards and bring them to pleasant bars and joints. Simply speaking, aspirants who screw for presents but clutter matters for the practitioners.

Let us face it, you are not precisely the first woman to contemplate setting her stall in the market. You quite possibly are not even the 1st in your association of buddies, though you will not know on that unless you really launch in the business. At that point you will possibly discover that another person that you thought you understood well recognizes the signs and approaches you to tell you a little tale about the way they used to be an escort. Possibly for several years. And that they basically met their hubby by doing this as he used to pay for sex a client. Talk about a colossal shock to the system if that kind of situation arises.

So absolutely, come and take part in the industry. However, ponder on it long and quite hard, design your tasks and work your plan. Exactly like any kind of industry. You assume it is painless being the finest escort Madrid provides? Do you guess that all you must do is no more than do a little advertising and after that it is basically inevitable that the cash will appear? That the largest difficulty you will encounter is dealing with the large quantities of revenue that you will bring in?

And irrespective of how sexy, magnificent, stylish, cute, busty or nothing but simply degenerate you may well be, I guarantee that there actually is another person (or tons of somebodies) in the market who feature more happening than you do.


A remarkable quantity of people take the view that surely that is all true, since everyone knows that sex will sell. In the words of Kai Proctor from the TV show Banshee “men will pay for tits until they are dead or broke”. So it goes without saying you will make a very prompt killing by offering your services.

Even if you are intending to become the highest quality escort Barcelona has to offer, where the boutique lodgings become very likely, you will not find it easy. You will certainly be fighting against prostitutes who offer the bodies of Sports Illustrated models and have earned Masters degrees in economics and can fluently discuss almost anything under the sun in seven foreign languages. And all this when enthusiastically and athletically executing sensual deeds that you have possibly never read about.


Madrid prostitutes, as an example, are really primarily coming from Brazil. The vast majority of the babes advertised by every one of the major-league call girl providers when it comes to Madrid are without a doubt of South American source. But at any particular second the very best escorts Madrid is able to present are without a doubt extremely more than likely to possess the sensuous curves as well as satisfying qualities that are cliches of ladies originating the countries of latin dance.

Barcelona escorts are particularly various. east European women run the show to a quite similar level that women from central America do when it comes to Madrid, and women and girls from south and central America are definitely uncommon and not commonly found. And maybe even rarer within the chambers! Many of the Georgian escorts have stayed in Italy for many years, going over to Barcelona just for the cold weather, and will genuinely profess to be definitely Italian. When it comes to a city as urbane as Barcelona that probably makes sense. Most especially as, to be normally straight, though politically unseemly, Serbs do not enjoy a very good brand. And so again, if you are without a doubt trying to find the outright greatest call girl Barcelona can present you are normally probably to be generally speaking to a Hugarian lassie who has a provocative Italian accent!


Still, what is without a doubt undoubtedly enlightening is without a doubt the manner that disparate market destinations gain working ladies of the identical origin, however diverge markedly away from each other. It seems like that fowls of a feather undoubtedly do flock with each other, most notably beautiful birds that wear plumes!

Each and every locale as you can imagine pulls in a variety of call girls, out of the young as well as naive to the mature as well as refined extremities of the niche; in addition to everything possible and incomprehensible between these pair! Young, middle aged, older. Tanned lean as well as tight, toneless and portly, lanky and pint-sized, red heads, redheads, blondes and multi-coloured. Mistresses and slavish, unconventional or particularly orthodox, in to girls as well as couples or stridently heterosexual, enjoy their business and also sincerely love banging a number of fellas, or an excellent stark-naked diva who just convinces dudes that they are usually lovemaking carnivores though she is figuring out the grocery list for the subsequent month.

Among the important things which is really truly interesting for someone such as me that assists practiced call lassies and principal call girl providers around locations as varied as Ibiza, Mallorca and also the Balearics, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, London together with Madrid is normally the range of the whore girls which every venue lures to work in places that are so different.

Nearly every niche market in addition draws lovely ladies out of most sorts of sources as well as heritages as well. Naturally Spanish women are definitely truly prevalent in Spain, and yet Swedish babes are actually a legitimate wonder around Spain. Ukranian and Georgian women are generally hence common Madrid escorts which it essentially seems that it is actually de rigueur for each wonderful female out of these lands to function in the sex marketplace at some stage. Eastern Europeans generally are actually considerably routine and also extremely well-liked, encompassing these hailing coming from the obvious range of former communist bloc nations.

Barcelona & Madrid Sex

If you are a male visiting either Barcelona or Madrid then you are confronted with a vast and bewildering variety of inviting women who are either ostensibly attainable and eager to get laid; or absolutely definitely easily available and all set to have a good time. In the words of Pretty Woman “I appreciate the romance but I am a sure thing.” In brief, players in Barcelona and Madrid possess the choice among thrilling and attractive nonprofessionals or even more desirable and more amazing professionals. Welcome to the realm of skilled courtesans in Madrid & Barcelona.

If a man finds yourself in Madrid or Barcelona and hopes for a seductive encounter, then that is the decision; hope to get lucky with an amateur or choose to look for the hottest escort Madrid will deliver or probably the most fantastic escort Barcelona can produce?

The great feature of prostitutes is certainty. Yes, certainly there is usually the query in the hindpart (or even front end) of the customers mind around whether the hottie is genuinely into them or the number they are doing jointly. However, that concern is always there too actually still in a encounter with an amateur? However, with an escort you are sure that the conclusion is made sure. You are going to get laid if you wish to!

If you are searching for flirtation, companionship or merely a lustful thrill ride then it belongs to probably the most primary evaluations; do you devote precious time, vitality and money in the quest for a rookie girlfriend and gamble on identifying one that is really game for it and a good fuck? What happens if you spend a lot of pounds and cannot get her to the bedroom? More upsetting, perhaps you succeed in tracking down a girlfriend only to locate that she is awful in the sack and a major sex-related dissatisfaction?

Or do you go the alternative path; employ the services of a skilled professional call-girl while you remain in Barcelona or Madrid? It might not have the adventure of the hunt and the promise of long term passion, however it does assure that your hard earned cash is sure to get a result. And you can also guarantee that the woman that you commit funds to invest precious time with is a passionate professional who is going to have the capacity to quake your planet and release your secret appetites– irrespective of how unconventional they may be!

And, within legal limits and the limits of negotiation, virtually every single sensual need or phantasy you may possibly ever have is possible with a professional Madrid escort or a high class Barcelona escort. All the things that you might wake up to on your initial drug and excitement improved early date, or you invest weeks or more gently moving to with a “special lady” are there for the asking with a skilled professional. From probably the most plain of needing to try some brand new sexual positions to men whose fancies are even more peculiar, there is bound to be an avid and proficient specialist only too able to serve!

Getting Laid in Madrid & Barcelona

If a fella remains in Madrid or Barcelona and hopes for a sexual escapade, then that is the decision; hope to have mediocre sex with a rookie or make the choice to seek out the sexiest escort Madrid has to present or the most thrilling escort Barcelona can produce?

The fantastic feature of call girls is inevitability. Yes, there is regularly the question in the hindpart (or even front) of the punters head around whether the girl is honestly into them or the act they are undertaking together. However, is not that question mark of anxiety there actually still in an fuck fest with a casual pick up? But with a prostitute you can rest assured that the final result is ensured. You are going to get sex if you would like to!

If you are a guy heading to either Barcelona or Madrid then you are confronted with an extensive and confusing array of hot females who are either ostensibly obtainable and eager to socialise; or absolutely truly easily available and primed to party. In the words of Pretty Woman “I appreciate the romance, but I am a sure thing.” Basically, fellas in Barcelona and Madrid possess the decision in between stimulating and inviting rookies and more sexy and a lot more exciting professionals. Welcome to the industry of expert whores in Barcelona and Madrid.

If you are seeking romance, company or no more than a sexual encounter then it is one of the most straight forward evaluations; do you invest your time, ardor and hard earned cash in the search for a rookie partner and bet one’s bottom dollar tracking down one who is ready for it and a good fuck? Imagine you invest loads of pounds and fail to pick up? Much worse, it could be that you succeed in tracking down a girlfriend only to identify that she is second-rate in bed and a genuine lustful frustration?

Or do you go the other path; employ the services of a specialist whore while you remain in Barcelona or Madrid? It may possibly not have the thrill of the chase and the hope of prolonged flirtation, however, it does assure that your money is absolutely sure to get you laid. And you can additionally be sure that the woman that you invest hard earned cash to shell out time with is a sexual player who will have the ability to quake your planet and unshackle your undercover appetites– no matter how out of the ordinary they may possibly be!

And, within legal limits and the restrictions of discussions, virtually each and every sexual appetite or phantasy you may ever have is within reach with an expert Madrid escort or a high class Barcelona escort. All the many things that you quite possibly get up to on your early pharmaceutical and excitement bolstered initial date, or you devote days or months building up to with a “sweetheart” can be had the asking with a high quality. From the most modest of wanting to attempt some brand new sex positions to men whose fancies are even more peculiar, there is bound to be an eager and skillful specialist only too happy to assist!

High Class Barcelona & Madrid Escorts

Morocco is rather lovely and all that, but will primarily ever be a niche area, no matter how successfully the King and his authorities deal with their internal issues.

Turkey experiences near civil war with the Kurds still, is struggling with terrorism and its border with Syria is among the most dangerous sites on planet earth. Oh, and it has recently had a coup attempt by regular army. Who may quite possibly have been less despotic in power than the insane Leader.

The existing vacation and visitor group for destinations such as Barcelona and Madrid are prepared for their trips. They know what they would like and how you can find it. They realise that sexual activity is easily obtainable and totally lawful to both exchange. So if they choose to spend time with the finest escort Barcelona can supply, or pay for an hour or more with the a trio of the very best escorts Madrid can provide, they will do this.

Greece is great if you are unconcerned about whether you will be able to take your money from the cash machines. In the last financial turmoil the banks stopped handing over cash and disabled visa or mastercard structures. Which in turn must have made life a little bit difficult in a country that was dependent on tourists spending their funds (that they withdraw from atm or spend via bank card).

Algeria is excellent if you dream of armed sentinels while you lie on the oceanfront. Which is a good idea as it was not very far back that vacations were assaulted and killed by assault weapon flourishing Muslim terrorists.

The earth is a turbulent place currently. And some of the most unsafe, plagued and unstable places happened, up till rather recently, to be significant vacation areas.

So Spain is doing incredibly well with travel figures now, and no end in sight. Some numbers are referring to a 50% improvement in tourist figures compared to former years. Venues like Barcelona and Madrid are filled with travellers. So you might believe that Barcelona escorts and Madrid escorts might be rushed off their tootsies (Off their beds? You understand what I am getting at …) but that is certainly not really the case.

Egypt is not a place you choose to opt for a calm and pleasant getaway any more. It used to be that snorkelling in the Red Sea was the most unsafe component of your holiday (apart from getting you pockets cracked in the marketplace or your charge card scammed by merchants). Now actually coming to a Egyptian tourist trap is an unsafe excursion that very few individuals wish to suffer through.

France is ostensibly under perpetual assault by locally developed Islamic thugs, including the tragic truck and AK47 assault in Nice not long ago. Hardly productive of to a relaxing respite unless you are lucky enough to vacation with your own protection detachment.

But customers who are used to visiting holiday areas like Turkey and Egypt, and even Tunisia, may well have contrasting presumptions, desires and finances for their leisure time. So the adult game in Spain is not prospering in exactly the way you would assume it as being if you simply scale from traveller quantities.

Escorts in Barcelona & Madrid

Among the things which is really quite enjoyable for an individual like I who represents experienced working lassies and notable call girl organizations within localities as distinct as Barcelona, Paris, London as well as Madrid, Ibiza, Mallorca and also the Balearics,  is without a doubt the diversification of the whoring females which each and every place attracts to ply their trade in such diverse places.

Pretty much every sector likewise brings in women out of most types of ancestries and environments too. Needlessly to say Spanish babes are usually highly commonplace in Spain, still, Italian girls are usually rare around Spain. Russian and Georgian babes are generally therefore so popular as prostitutes in Barcelona that it essentially seems that it is de rigueur for nearly every tantalizing girl out of these states to operate in the copulation arena at some stage. Eastern Europeans generally are actually highly common and also quite well-liked, encompassing those hailing from Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Poland as well as the Czech Republic.

However, what is definitely very enjoyable is usually the manner in which disparate working venues win escort women of the very same origin, and yet differ greatly from each other. It seems that feathered creatures of a feather especially do huddle collectively, particularly sensuous fowls who get into plumes!

Each locale, it goes without saying, pulls in a wide variety of lady, from the young and not experienced to the cultured and upmarket parts of the market place, in addition to all things possible and also improbable between these pair! Inexperienced, middle aged, oldish. Olive-brown sculpted and tight, or flabby and portly, lanky or petite, redheads, redheads, btunettes, blondes and also tinted several shades. Mistresses as well as passive; outre or quite traditional; into females and married couples or definitely conventional; really love their work as well as truly reveling in having sex with a good deal of people; or a fantastic unclothed actress that just tells men that they are generally lustful gods although she is normally considering the grocery list for the following day.

Madrid escort girls, for example, are really primarily out of Brazil. The considerable lion’s share of the girls working with each of the significant hooker agencies when it comes to Madrid are really of South American source. Quite possibly the closeness in kilometres of Portugal which has historically good colonial ties with the country of Brazil helps? Still, at any specific point in time the absolute best escorts Madrid may put on the market are really remarkably more than likely to possess the curvy bodies and enchanting nature that are commonly reputed (however, rarely or commonly it might turn out to be truthful!) of ladies originating the homes of salsa, tango and rumba.

Barcelona escorts are actually very varied. Hungarian lassies monopolize to the same comparable proportion that girls from south America do when it comes to Madrid, and also South Americans are generally unusual and not commonly found on advertising sites. And also maybe even more infrequently in the bed rooms! Many of the Barcelona escort women have resided in Italy for a good few years, heading to Barcelona just for the winter, and also may honestly claim to be really Italian. When it comes to a town as catholic in taste as Barcelona this quite possibly makes good sense. Most notably as, to be generally honest (nevertheless politically inappropriate), girls from Eastern Europe do not come with a terrific repute. Hence again, if you are generally looking for the absolute most reliable escorts Barcelona will turn out you are generally quite likely to be really speaking to a Hugarian female with an attractive Italian accent!